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Originally Posted by Qui-Gon Glenn View Post
@LoH - the link provided was a definition of the term. Check Miriam Webster or American College or whatever dictionary you like... A word means what a word means, and I don't need a wikipedia article to define my point... just a term so that we know what a term means. I provided it so you would know what fascism is. Thanks for your normal response.
And instead of actually making your point you assume ignorance on my side. I am perfectly familiar with fascism. I extensively studied the WWII-era while my classmates were screwing off in middle and high school. Studying socio-political phenomena is one of my hobbies, and currently the subject of my university electives.
As for the term "radical" thank you for engaging in meaningless semantics. Cleverness /= thinking.
Meaningless semantics? If you don't want to bring up a point of discussion and actually discuss it, don't bring it up.

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