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Originally Posted by Qui-Gon Glenn View Post
@Totenkopf: I think you are under the assumption that I am a Democrat. Uh, no. Voted for Ron Paul.
No, didn't know what you were. Just figured you were very pro-union based on your posts. Given that you work in the entertainment field, thinking dem may seem a no-brainer, but didn't go there. The dem/pro-union connection might be a natural assumption, but well aware that not all union supporters are dems.

Could you provide an example of these 50 layers of management pay? What Unions are you talking about, and are you aware of the diversity of unions?
That wasn't mine. That was mim vs TC.

Originally Posted by mim
The federal government should not mandate that states use the same rules as the federal government when it comes to how it treats its unionized workers.
Never said they should.

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