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Originally Posted by Lord of Hunger View Post
And instead of actually making your point you assume ignorance on my side. I am perfectly familiar with fascism. I extensively studied the WWII-era while my classmates were screwing off in middle and high school. Studying socio-political phenomena is one of my hobbies, and currently the subject of my university electives.

Meaningless semantics? If you don't want to bring up a point of discussion and actually discuss it, don't bring it up.
I assume nothing on your part... well not exactly true, but I prefer to be nice.

Do you dispute my use of the term "fascism"? Have I used the word incorrectly? Perhaps it is a bit of hyperbole, but by definition the actions of the WI governor have been.... Fascist.

As for the "radical" point, I fail to see why you have chosen my admittedly (see post #23) hair-brained and wholly least important part of my OP, and think that you can hammer something home on it when it really has nothing to do at all with the main argument? This is a bit of a straw-man attempt, as it is unimportant to the main issue. If you want to debate how American's improperly use the term "radical right" or "radical left" or "radical" anything, start your own thread on the topic! The way I used the term is understood by most Americans. If it is used improperly, oh well, that is the vernacular of the day.

I am impressed by how much you studied WW2 in middle and HS. I am not impressed yet by your ability to ferret out the argument, although with your intelligence, you will someday. I recommend taking some Logic courses at University... Like I did when I went to college in 1990.

@Totenkopf: I lean left, but I choose no party. I am pro-Union because my Union does help me make a good living. The work I do is fairly well compensated, but the risk and nature of the work deserve that compensation. I deal with BIG power, stuff that will literally fry a man. As a result, I constantly have to remember proper habits... one misstep, and POOF.

Sorry that I took a part of someone else's argument and put it on you... should have read more carefully!

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