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"Well she's okay in my book Tuhrop, she's not a fan of Cerberus,"

"I cannot imagine any other sentient who would be." Tuhrop added simply. "Extremists, the lot of them are."

He glanced at Zack and smirked. "I've got work to do, Hudson. I'll talk to you later." the Turian was about to walk off. "Oh, and Hudson: in the future, try not doze off during our crew meetings. You're involved in this just as much as everybody else."

Tuhrop walked off the scene.


The Valkyrie appeared right before the mass relay, after making the jump. Soaring through the heavens of the Harding System of the Helix Nebula. Within the next hour, a small ball growing larger in the distance appeared through the cockpit window.

Osiris appeared on their scanners. Most of the planet was covered by oceans of liquid water. European-sized areas were spotted on the planet's surface, and the atmosphere was nitrogen-oxygen based. Perfect choice for colonisation.

Vessels and Cruisers surrounded the planet below. Tuhrop opened a communications channel.

"Osiris Control, this is GS Valkyrie: requesting permission to land?"

"GS Valkyrie, this is Osiris Control. As you are within Systems Alliance and Citadel Space, our security protocol is initiated."

Tuhrop stated their business, claimed quarantine and informed them that they are carrying weapons. He also provided identification and registration of the ship.

"GS Valkyrie, this is Osiris Control. Permission to land has been granted. Please be advised that once entering a Systems Alliance controlled building, you are not authorised to carry weapons. Understood?"

"Crystal Clear..." Tuhrop acknowledged. "Valkyrie out!"

The Valkeryie descended into the atmosphere below, and made her way towards the human colony. It was a settlement right where the beach is; probably larger than any typical human colony.
Its most notable landmark was the tower standing within the ocean, surrounded by sea water. Most likely the research facility they were meant to head towards.

Tuhrop pulled switched on the intercom. "This is the captain, we have arrived at the colony and are about to dock. Please get yourselves ready, and keep in mind alliance security protocol forbids bringing weapons into the research facility."
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