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"I think that before we do anything else we need to get the samurai and the villagers to the hidden leaf village and consult the Konoha archives before we do anything."

"Very well." Ryuu nodded. "Do you require any further assistance? I need to report back to the head of my Order, and give him an update. We may have to intevene, if this has become a serious matter."

Afterall, Ryuu's primary objective was reconaisance. Intervening in a battle wasnt exactly part of the plan, but it wasnt like he could stand around doing nothing while watching people get slaughtered. The code he followed was flexible enough to allow him to do so, within proper reason.

He needed to report back. The newest pupil, Kaneda, might be interested in what Ryuu had to say; what with encountering one of his old friends. And besides, he also originated from Konoha as well.
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