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"Do you require any further assistance? I need to report back to the head of my Order, and give him an update. We may have to intevene, if this has become a serious matter."

Karela thought for a moment and then put her samurai helmet back on as she motioned Akagi and the other samurai to come towards her, she then turned back towards the mysterious man.

"I think right now you should report back to the head of your order. It wouldn't be good if the enemy were to attack you without warning."

Karela smiled at him from under her helmet. "If you do need to contact the hidden leaf and what remains of the samurai then we will be discussing this attack in the Hidden leaf village. I will let the hokage know that you helped Akagi's village and thus can be trusted."

Karela then raised her voice. "Attention all villagers! As of now we are leaving for the hidden leaf village. It is a two day walk away from here and we will be at risk of attack! If you see anything suspicious on the way out then let us know immediatly!"

Akagi then turned to his samurai. "The Samurai will take up defensive positions around the villagers now! Do not leave anyone behind. Ready...Move!"

The samurai took up defensive positions around the villagers who slowly began to move. Karela jumped to the front of the group and continually scanned the area.

Two days later

Karela continued scanning the horizan even as the village came into view. She looked back at the villagers, some of them were limping and others looked like they hadn't eaten in awhile. They had been forced to leave the village without any supplies or water. Some of the children were now being carried by samurai since they were unable to walk anymore. As the village came into view Karela smiled and raised her voice again.

"Villagers! Welcome to the hidden leaf village! As soon as we enter you need to wait outside the hokage's office while Akagi and I will be discussing what to do with you. I will however make sure that you are provided with food and water while we meet."

Karela's words were greeted with cheers as she walked up to the gates of the village. Two leaf village shinobi stood in front of her. Karela was puzzled for a moment and then remembered that she was still wearing the samurai helmet. She took it off and smiled at the two leaf village ninja. "Karela of the hidden leaf village reporting in. I have survivors of a village that was attacked. Requesting permission to enter."

The two shinobi looked at each other and then nodded. "Permission granted."

Karela smiled and ran into the village with the villagers and samurai right behind her. She smiled brightly and then motioned for Takeda to come closer to her. "Takeda, I would appreciate it if you would join Akagi and I in meeting with the Hokage." She then turned to Asuka. "Asuka, it would be great if you could bring the villagers food and water while we speak with the hokage."

She looked up and sighed happily.

She was finally home.
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