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Quiri heard Captain Tuhrop's announcement. "Hmm," she said, closing her eyes for a minute and placing a finger to her lips. "We may be forbidden to carry visible, ammunition-bearing weapons aboard the station, such as guns and grenade launchers. However, biotics can be some of the most dangerous instruments of war that have ever been discovered." She was thinking about those at Cerberus--the security guards she'd slain. Vanguards, most of them.
"Tech powers also have their non-engineering uses, if you get my drift."

She turned to Kallic and Chiron. "Patently obvious, I know, but I have a strange tingling in the top of my scalp all of a sudden. I'm not scared, but something feels wrong." She glanced around. "If my suspicions don't happen to be proven, I'll be glad, but if they are...I just might have to use those weapons that are lodged in my brain known as 'eezo' nodules..."
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