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Originally Posted by Tysyacha
((I fixed my last post, removing all the time references. Less confusing.))
((Heh, sorry about that, but I was just like, "Wait, her character's 200, why would she meet a human at 100 and still consider her a threat? She'd be an old crone!" I could get into the specs, but I'm not.

Guess PK's waiting on me to post or move on? Or something!? I'unno! <--IGNORE THIS!!))

To Kallic's slight surprise Quirinius actually followed him to the medbay immediately instead of taking the ship tour with Zack. Once in there, he turned to notice her somewhat off look - the asari clearing her throat to speak, "I owe you two things, an apology, and my thanks. I'm sorry I mentioned Cerberus, for one; I was lost in a raging sea of memories for a minute. Old habits die hard," she said, a look like she had swallowed a cup of nails and it'd finally gotten to her. "I knew perfectly well--or, at least my conscious mind did--that we're trying to keep out of that organization's way. I have a past with Cerberus, or at least one of its employees. Don't worry. This won't affect our mission, even though I'm still trying to 'get over it'."

Staring intently, Kallic didn't interrupt, seeing on her face that she still wished to speak. "I also would like to thank you for saving me from...Zack's?...advances. He just came out of nowhere! I wasn't quite sure what to say, even when I realized I was safely back here on the ship and not trapped in a research lab several years ago...Sorry. That's past now. You must think I'm a complete and utter fool, for all the mistakes and half-steps I've made so far. The thing is, not all asari are so intelligent or wise as you might think. Witness me! I've got more of my father in me than I'd like to admit...He always was too rash for Mother's taste."

Kallic caught something out of the corner of his eye as Quirinius finished, noticing a familiar figure approach.

"I can understand where you're coming from. I am a krogan who prefers to use his words over his fists. It's not a lack of intelligence by the way, just a lack of experience I'm guessing," his krogan friend remarked regarding her own comments, he guessed.

Kallic finally spoke, "Apology accepted, though completely unnecessary, wasn't chastising you for remarking on Cerberus, just making a simple comment. Apologize if somehow I accosted you, or seemed rude in any way, but not for what I said, nothing wrong in it."

"As for past with the organization, that's between you, yourself, and the Captain, or at least it will be if it affects crew in any way. Just a warning," Kallic said, moving over to some equipment in the medbay. Kallic continued, speaking over his shoulder as he began setting up machines to continue analyzing the syringe, ((Inside Joke: )) "Have to agree with Chiron on the matter of thanks and regrets; like I said, lack predefined judgments of others based on age, but on actions, words, maturity....Mmm, the like; know you're still a Maiden, know you're young in mind, body, and emotionally."

Kallic paused briefly to turn around and face her, setting his intense eyes back on her, "Told you I was unlike other salarians, just as Chiron is unlike other krogan in his mannerisms. Lack same coldheartedness, etcetera; but just because you lack wisdom and intellect doesn't mean you won't get them. Experience: Twenty," he said pointing to himself, then pointing to her. "Two Hundred."

"Middle Aged..." Enacting the same motion as before. "...Quarter aged: Young Adult. Understand? Age, species, class; don't define wisdom or experience - remember that," he finished.

Kallic shook his head and smiled, proceeding to activate his Omni-Tool and detach Quirinius' weapons from his harness, and unlock the others that weren't, he remarked, "Sound like fragmented holo-vid; here, take weapons. Apart of crew now, free to carry armed implements, just be sure not to take them out on board, same rule applies as I said before...Mm, don't use weapons on ship, especially while in space: dangerous!"

Kallic pulled out her biotic dampening rod, almost thrusting it into her hands and leaning forward - speaking in a more hushed, but kinder/soothing tone, "Remember that? If so, good; first step in garnering experience - earning wisdom - learn from mistakes. Second: listen to those who do have the experience, and have earned the wisdom."

Kallic pulled back and gave her a smile, a nod, and a friendly wink. Thus proceeding to go back to his duty at the analysis equipment, speaking normal again over his shoulder, "Ask for other steps later, for now, use what I've told you; if so, will already be following them - simple. Chiron, need help here, syringe seems to have disappeared...Mmm, unsettling...."

But before Kallic knew it the intercom came on, the Captain's voice ringing through the ship, "This is the captain, we have arrived at the colony and are about to dock. Please get yourselves ready, and keep in mind alliance security protocol forbids bringing weapons into the research facility."

Kallic turned back around to face the others, Quirinius mentioning her nervousness and sense of something wrong, as well as mentioning the use of biotics and tech abilities, something Kallic was at least halfway certain the Alliance would have counter measures against; Kallic just shook his head.

"Unlikely acts of aggression will be necessary, Alliance would aid us if we were assaulted by any Cerberus agents - don't want intergalactic incident after all, most of us different species, would not be good PR for them. Also, if incited Alliance assault, most likely they have predicted the use of our abilities; especially with asari aboard - well known fact they're born biotics. Stand less of a chance than with Cerberus assault. If both come at us, then....Mmm, pray to your deities, wouldn't last very long under the circumstance," he added in, putting his hands behind his back. "Personally don't look for a Thresher Maw to jump up around every corner, bad habit to have...Mm, live longer too - less stress. Caution is warranted though. Must also remember our manners, human colonies not used to alien traffic, occasional Quarian, but large groups might cause local populace nervousness - Must say we are a large group of aliens, discretion is best."

Kallic just pondered for a moment; he didn't know why he was telling them this, it was the Captain's job to do that. Also, as a long standing crew member, Chiron already knew all this (not to mention he was one of those aboard that they had to least worry about causing problems. Selia was more likely to head-butt someone than he was!).

"Guess giving you back your weapons was...Mmm, poorly timed. No matter, knowing you have them back should be good enough," he finished, smiling at the young asari. Kallic then proceeded to remove his weapon implements, placing them in a locker in the medbay, locking it up with his Omni-Tool.

((Meh, my posts are turning to juuuunk, must watch some Mordin vids on youtube for inspiration!!! Forgive for the yammery-ness-isms of the post, am/are/is/was tired and not think clearly. Also, forgive yet again for length - JIC! - Don't let this die PK!!!!!! I love ME too much to let you let this die!!!! But knowing you, you won't let it die, you're not the type! And that kiddies, is called brown-nosing! *cheers*

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