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I'm host is a bit busy right now. Whatever you want to tell her you can tell me.

Takai smiled widely upon hearing a voice...and not just any voice. Takai flash backed to a year ago. He had gotten Karela angry, so angry she turned into a demon that caused so much destruction it made him laugh...just like everything else. He recalled her using her power to fight that arashi guy as well.

The best part was that this demonic power had a voice of its own. If he wanted to communicate with Karela he'd have to do so directly, but now he could talk to this mysterious being inside of her and learn more about her. For now though he'd stick with speaking to Karela...and he'd do that when the time was right.

Takeda stood in awe at what was just said to him. A letter? He never recalled getting a letter, but that didn't matter. The letter would explain her randomly disappearing one day...but this didn't change anything. Why didn't she say goodbye to him directly? Why did everyone have to leave him?

Two days later

"Takeda, I would appreciate it if you would join Akagi and I in meeting with the Hokage."

"I will, I have to give the Hokage my report any way," he said.
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