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"I've got work to do, Hudson. I'll talk to you later." the Turian was about to walk off. "Oh, and Hudson: in the future, try not doze off during our crew meetings. You're involved in this just as much as everybody else."

Zack chuckled and nodded to Tuhrop. Even with his helmet on, the turian could tell he was sleeping. He'd either have to do a better job...or actually pay attention.

"This is the captain, we have arrived at the colony and are about to dock. Please get yourselves ready, and keep in mind alliance security protocol forbids bringing weapons into the research facility."

Zack shook his head an let out a very loud sigh. Could this little trip get any worse? First he didn't get to find any work, and now they were going to a human colony...let's not forget the Alliance. Oddly enough it would seem he was thinking the exact same thing Quirnius was. Sure he couldn't bring his weapons...but his biotics were a different story.

"This should be fun," he said.
__________________________________________________ _

Chiron nodded his head at Quirnius's statement. He himself did not have any biotics, but he did have a few tricks up his sleeve.

"Patently obvious, I know, but I have a strange tingling in the top of my scalp all of a sudden. I'm not scared, but something feels wrong." She glanced around. "If my suspicions don't happen to be proven, I'll be glad, but if they are...I just might have to use those weapons that are lodged in my brain known as 'eezo' nodules..."

"I am certain we will be fine, but being cautious is always good. If need be I'm sure I can use my old krogan strength," he said with a smile.
__________________________________________________ __

Rogue had been down in the engineering deck when he heard the announcement from Tuhrop. He stopped to analyze every bit of detail. He concluded a second opinion would be the best choice, and who better than the human on the same floor. The geth followed its radar to Tom's location.

"Human:Tom, I have to ask you something. It has been three years since the attack on the citadel, and the geth are no longer a threat. However I am aware you organics can still hold grudges. I believe simply walking off the ship would not be the best COA. Would you recommended I stay aboard the ship, or cloak myself and follow?" Rogue asked.
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