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Originally Posted by Qui-Gon Glenn View Post
I think I can actually state quite frankly that nobody knows God better than anybody knows God, and those that really think they know God have deceived themselves a great deal. Which God are you speaking of jonathan? There are many legitimate and "believable" Gods for the peoples of our planet... If someone claims to know "Jesus" but God is actually JVHV, or Krishna, or Bahá'u'lláh, where does that put us? If a Christian claims he knows God better than a Shinto, I will argue that Christian is self-deceived, or being misled by Natasha (spell it drawkcab).

I will say that no one knows God. This can be argued, but convincingly??????
Actually you seem to have missed my point, apologies perhaps my articulation was not good. My point was if there is a God, then he would know who knows him, and indeed who knows him better than others. As such I was not making claims as to which human can say they know God better, just that to quote Bertrand Russell "Since all the worlds great religions disagree, no more than one can be true" (from 'Why I am not a Christian). As such given the very different opinions on said deity it follows that some peoples conceptions of God are more (or less) accurate as to what said God is like. Or to put it differently, two people see the moon, they both believe in the moon, but one knows it is made of rock and the other knows it is made of cheese. Who knows the moon more accurately?

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