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Originally Posted by BongoBob View Post
Why the supreme amount of hate?

While I prefer CoD to Battlefield, I still enjoy both series pretty well. CoD isn't realistic, and that's the whole point. If I want to play something arcady, then I play CoD. If I want something realistic, I play BC2.

Comparing CoD and Battlefield are like comparing Apples and Oranges.
Well, depends on the context of the comparison. The games compete for your money, and many people stick to one series it seems like. Since Medal of Honor was a complete failure, I think the Battlefield series is going to be what EA pushes to be its rival shooter.

I was very glad to see Guitar Hero go and I hope it stays that way for a while. I don't hate Call of Duty (I enjoy the MW games) but I hate how Activision handles it and if they keep pumping out essentially the same game each year it will suffer the same fate. While one could argue that each year's Call of Duty has unique features or whatever, the only real distinction is between the setting (ww2 vs modern) and when we look back years later there will not be much to set them apart especially compared to other sequelized franchises.

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