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Originally Posted by BongoBob View Post
Why the supreme amount of hate?

While I prefer CoD to Battlefield, I still enjoy both series pretty well. CoD isn't realistic, and that's the whole point. If I want to play something arcady, then I play CoD. If I want something realistic, I play BC2.

Comparing CoD and Battlefield are like comparing Apples and Oranges.

Because Activision, and CoD in particular, are harmful to the development of the video game industry. CoD is pure recycled garbage. No innovation whatsoever, OLD graphics, OLD gameplay, just reskinned games. Activision causes dead studios right and left (they seem to kill off anyone who tries something new/different - their kill count grew extraordinarily in 2010). The *******, Bobby Kotick, runs the company primarily as a money-grabbing firm, and barely as a video game one. He doesn't play games and is just really out of touch with the gaming industry, which I hold dear to myself.

Plus, the majority of people who love CoD and have brought it success are console gamers (and frat bros...ugh). And I'm pretty much a huge console hater at this point. Downright amazing PC games and franchises have been killed off in favor of mainstream-ized, EASY, old-graphics, arcadey games.

Which is why I'm thrilled that DICE is making BF3 primarily for PC, then porting it to consoles. This is how it should always be. Games should be developed for the most powerful/innovation-encouraging systems. Not ancient hardware like the Xbox 360/PS3. Regenerating health, small maps, easy gameplay, and anti-teamwork games have got to stop.

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