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Tavaryn supressed a sigh. He was tired but there were things to do. He slowly stood and walked past his companions to catch up with Alriana. He stopped by her before she spoke to the captain and said in a gentle whisper, "Watch yourself moi chroi."

On an impulse he placed a reassuring hand on her shoulder and gave a smile. It was hard but he respected and cared too much to force the issue on her. She needed her space to work through her thoughts and her life. He would keep an eye out for her, he wouldn't be a good friend if he didn't.

After what seemed like a lifetime, he let go and walked out followed by Haruka. Once out of earshot, Haruka said, "Why are you and the Jedi splitting up?"

"She needs her space."

Haruka rolled his eyes in a disbelieving fashion. "So you just let her go. Come on there. You two are a team."

"Sometimes change is good."

"Bantha poodoo," Haruka spat out and stopped Tavaryn in his tracks. He looked at the older man in the eye and said, "You're both just scared of your own feelings. I'm telling ya, you keep running and you lose everything." Haruka then turned to head to the ship he docked, "I'm going to get shut eye. Later."

Tavaryn stood there watching the young Avalonian with a curious expression. He then fished his comm out of his pocket and contacted Belina. "Belina, this is Tavaryn. I am curious if you have anything available in the fleet that I can do. Even if it's janitorial services that is fine."


Tonatius walked with Kalla and Iyav out of the debriefing room. "I don't get it. No action because we don't have evidence. Haven't they learned anything in history?"


Jun-la sighed as she walked with Andorra and Lenatha. She was tired and it was showing but there were things that needed to be done. She looked at Andorra and Lenatha and smiled for she could feel the happiness radiating off of them and it made her feel happy. She said, "Well another mission done. It may not be what we want but things have a way of working out. I can say that you two have certainly worked things out. I hope others will be just as fortunate."

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