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Tavaryn pondered a moment. Security while mundane was a worthwhile thing but he had spent nearly his entire life being security for the Jedi even if it was only from the shadows. Thinking of that made him think of Echleon 5 and he nearly growled at that. Being a combat instructor sounded fun. He replied, "I'll take the post aboard the Ackbar Belina. Combat training I would be willing to be a part of. I hope your men have the stomach for some of the more agressive Avalonian techniques."

It was a start. He would work within the fleet and come to understand more the "official" side of things. The Shinigami may call him but he would send word to pass it on to someone else for awhile. He needed this.

Then an idea hit. He knew that Haruka really had nothing left to go to even though he was one of the best smugglers ever. The kid would probably be bored after all this heck he may be bored if he went through with this crazy idea. Oh well he might as well try. He hoped that the kid wouldn't be too upset if he spoke for him. He added, "I might be able to convince a friend of mine to be your new security chief on the Katarn. He is a smuggler by trade but he knows enough to point out potential security breaks. If you are willing..."


Jun-la trudged up the ramp to the Ebon Hawk. She was exhausted from a day's work and just wanted some down time on the way back to Republic space. She walked through the familiar halls and came across a familiar shadow. She smiled and went to it.


Tonatius followed the stare of Kalla. He added, "We will be ready for them moi chroi. Even my people will see to it." He gently grasped her good hand and entwined his fingers with hers. They would face it together.

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