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Avalon System, Listening Post Alpha

"Sir, we're picking up something on the long-range scanners." One of the two listening post operators pointed out to the other.

"Any idea what it is?" Her co-operator asked.

"It's a ship, just out of visual range. Hold on, it's transmitting a Republic IFF code." She added. "We'll have a visual in 5 ... 4 ... 3 ... 2 ... 1."

This ship, despite carrying a Republic IFF code, didn't look like any starship design on record, let alone a Republic ship currently in service. It was, however, massive, and armed to the teeth.

"What is it? Some new class of Star Destroyer on a shakedown cruise?" The male operator inquired.

"Negative. No news from the Republic about any prototype ships." His counterpart pointed out. "We have to send a message to Avalon immediately. Security has been breached."

"I'm trying, but the transmitter's not responding to the controls." He replied.

"But it's working?" The other operator asked.

"It's transmitting something to the other posts, and not the standard updates either. I think that ship is sending a virus to the whole network of listening posts in the system." He suggested.

"And now we're losing power." His co-operator pointed out.

The listening post, and every other one soon after, went dark.

Avalon was defenceless.


"And so, it is my great honour to pronounce Lady Andorra Evenstar of Avalon, and Doctor Lenatha Pradhes of Ryloth, wife and wife!" The Avalonian minister proclaimed, and Andorra and Lenatha then kissed for the first time as a married couple.

Kalla was naturally happy for them, but at the same time, she sensed something that made her uneasy. She couldn't tell what was, but she could tell that at the very least, both her brother and father could sense it too.

Has the time finally come? She thought to herself, wondering if the moment she had dreaded for nearly two years had finally arrived.

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