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((haha fear not, Archon. I dont intend on this RP dying - I'm too much inlove with the franchise to let that happen. Besides, you should feel complimented that I actually do read every word of your posts, because your intepretations of salarians are quite interesting to read ))

"Human:Tom, I have to ask you something. It has been three years since the attack on the citadel, and the geth are no longer a threat. However I am aware you organics can still hold grudges. I believe simply walking off the ship would not be the best COA. Would you recommended I stay aboard the ship, or cloak myself and follow?"

Tom turned around from his console to glance at the Geth which stood before him. "Hmm... I can see how this might pose as a problem..." Tom rubbed his chin. "If it just became news to me, the Alliance are not even aware the opposite faction of Geth have been reprogrammed."

He began pacing back and forward. "I dont think following us would be a smart idea. If this is an state of the art Alliance Facility, they are most likely equiped with updated security. They might even be able to detect Geth Infiltration, even if you are cloaked with a Stealth Field Generator..."

Tom thought about what he said, and chuckled sheepishly. "Listen to myself; I'm begining to sound like Kallick. There might be an alternative; you can probably hang around the town, and keep an eye out for suspicious activity outside of the facility. Give us a little heads-up warning if anyone like Cerberus is approaching."

There was a slight turbulance and vibration. The ship had obviously docked. Tom continued his conversation with Rogue.

"Or do you think you can find a way to bypass their security systems undetected? I dont know how you Geth work..."
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