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Two Days Later...

Masurao Kenjustu Academy - Land of Forests

Ryuu stood before the Warden - the head and the 3rd Generation Leader of the Masurao Kenjustu Academy. Her office was decorated with ceremonial weapons and armor. Pictures of her family stood on her desk, along with messes of paper and documents. She was a middle-aged woman, the colour of her hair matching her Yukata robe. Her most defining feature - a scar running across one of her eyes.

"And thats the full story." Ryuu finished. "Please forgive me. I had to intevene - innocent lives were at stake."

"You did well, Ryuu." Warden Kusanagi commended. "You provided us with the information we needed. Afterall, we (you especially) were very curious to what was occuring from your home of origin."

"Karela will be looking through Konoha's archives to find clues as to who these people are and their goals."

"And you say she's from Konoha? One of our recent pupil's friends perhaps?"

"I have already notified him; I thought it best that he needed to know. He was abit suprised to hear about Karela. Afterall, its been a year. He's writing her a letter to her now as we speak."

'No doubt. He is an excellent student. If we further investigate, it might be worth considering Kaneda Yamagato to assign it to him?"

"I'll consider it..." Ryuu said.
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