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"And so, it is my great honour to pronounce Lady Andorra Evenstar of Avalon, and Doctor Lenatha Pradhes of Ryloth, wife and wife!"

"I love weddings." Supreme commander Belina whispered to Garja as she watched Andorra and Lenatha kiss. Garja reached into his pocket and pulled out a piece of cloth and offered it to her. Belina took it and nodded in thanks just as her comlink made a very soft noise that she could barely hear.

"Belina here." She said quietly as she answered the call. "Admiral, this is Alriana aboard the Ackbar, something is wrong with the listening posts. They seem to be offline. It could be some sort of malfunction."

Belina shook her head. "How many are offline?"

"It seems that all of them are offline. There is no way all of them went offline due to a malfunction now that I think about it."

"Bring the Ackbar to battle alert status and start scanning the system for any ships or anything odd. If you detect any ships put the Ackbar between it and the planet."

"Yes Admiral."

Belina got up and motioned for Garja to follow her. She walked over to Kalla and her family. "Something's wrong up in orbit. It looks like all of the listening posts have gone dark. The Ackbar is at full battle readiness."

Both Belina and Garja quietly slipped out of the building and ran toward the shuttle that they had used to get to Avalon.
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