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Tonatius watched with delight at the happiness of his cousin being married. Two souls finding each other in the midst of turmoil was a good omen. He glanced at the underside of his right wrist to see the new tattoo he had acquired. After months of courting, he explained to Kalla the meaning of that mark and she agreed. He held her hand as the ceremony was being completed but he couldn't help but feel uneasy about something coming. He squeezed Kalla's hand gently.

When Belina and Garja came over and reported problems at the listening posts, he became concerned. He whispered to Kalla, "This is like a bad memory moi chroi. I was hoping that today wouldn't be spoiled."

"You can say that again," Taryn, Tonatius' twin remarked. "I for one have a problem with happy events getting spoiled. Bad for business."


Jun-la had been feeling uneasy all day as she sat with her padawan Andros and his family. They had been training on her world for the past few months in order to build up Andros' abilities in calming techniques as well as physical fitness when the announcement came of the wedding. They had dropped everything to come and now she had a bad feeling about all of it.

It was confirmed when Belina and Garja came over and told their news. She leaned over and spoke to Komad, "I think we should make a discreet exit and discuss the next course of action. Your thoughts?"


Being in the fleet was different from being a Shinigami in more ways than one but Tavaryn actually enjoyed it. After that business on Geonosis, he decided to make a change and contacted Belina. She offered the position of combat instructor which he accepted. In addition he managed to convince Haruka to become the security advisor on the Katarn and as far as he knew, the kid was doing fine.

He trudged down the hall dressed in black pants and a black flight jacket, a concession he made to being a part of the fleet. He was thinking about the next lesson he was to teach to the advanced class which involed some more deadlier techniques and progression to different types weapons that differed from traditional Republic issued weapons. He had two other levels based upon skill level and had those worked out.

Today basic warm ups and a sparring session. He was thinking when he bumped into a female officer or something or other. He spotted the boots and saw they weren't fleet issue so he figured a special advisor. He muttered, "My apologies," and continued to walk towards the training area.

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