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Andorra Evenstar Pradhes leaned in close to give her new bride, Lenatha, a kiss and gentle nuzzle on her soft scarlet nose. "Lena," she whispered into the tympanic region of the Twi'lek's head-tails, "I'm yours for now and always, come what may." On what was truly the happiest day of her life, the Avalonian noblewoman felt no hint of danger. She was safe in the arms of her soul-mate, and absolutely nothing could shatter her nuptial tranquility.

She took Lenatha's hand and beamed delightedly. The both of them presented themselves as newlyweds to the supportive crowd that had attended the ceremony. Kalla Kaltas--her former love--was there, as was Tonatius, with whom Kalla had found happiness. As she caught Kalla's eye, Andorra winked. I may have lost you, Andorra's eyes said, but in this case, we both won! I have sweet Lena, and you have the best man anyone could ever find. Good luck to all of us! Glancing at the attendees, she also spotted Komad Kaltas as well as Jun-la--family, and comrades-in-arms.

It was at this moment that she saw the worried looks on several faces...

"Lena?" she whispered again. "Up in the balcony--is something going on?"
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