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Originally Posted by Tysyacha View Post
You know what? I've concluded, after participating in this thread for quite a few posts, that even if God doesn't exist, there are PLENTY of supportive, caring, and understanding humans out there. *HUGS* to all of you! It makes me inclined to believe that someone (even with a capital S!) is willing to put it all "out on the line" for someone else who feels lost, and that's awesome!

None of you have judged me or told me I'm completely messed up. That's a lot more than I've gotten from some people--basically a harsh rebuttal: "Why don't you believe anymore, or at least why are you having trouble believing?" You guys really understand, even though we disagree on some points.

You know what all of you have proven--and I mean that sincerely? You've proven that no matter what each one of us professes as our faith, we all share a common humanity--respect for one another, no matter what.

I'll take that over blind faith any day, no matter what anybody says.
That is as good a prayer as any I can think of

@j7: There you go, quoting my favorite philosopher Perhaps I did misunderstand your post. I echo the sentiment of Tommycat... I specialized in Epistemology and Philosophy of Mind while getting my BA in Phil, and questions pertaining to "knowledge" always get my attention, as it is a daunting task to prove to me that humans actually know, uh, anything

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