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"Jedi Haltra, I think I've figured out what caused the listening post blackout. It appears to be a computer virus, transmitted on their standard operating frequency." One of the bridge officers pointed out to Alriana. "From what I can tell, it won't take long for it to adapt and infect the Ackbar."


"I don't know, my love." Lenatha, or Lena, as Andorra had come to call her, replied. "But I don't think it has anything to do with us."

"I think I might know what it is, but why here, and why now?" Kalla asked rhetorically. With so much chaos in the galaxy, they needed all the happy moments they could get.

"Alriana, this is Komad. We're clearing out the hall now, but we're going to need to be updated on the situation up in orbit as frequently as possible. Understood?" Komad tried to send up, but all he received in response was static.

"We've just lost communication with the Ackbar. Not sure where the interference might be coming from." He pointed out the Admiral.

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