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"The why is only relevant when we find a connection," Taryn replied to Kalla's rhetorical question.

"I think that is obvious, Brother," Tonatius replied, "Considering all that we have done these long months."

Taryn shrugged his shoulders. He said, "Well this can only mean that connections will be cut off and looks like they have."

Jun-la listened in on Komad's conversation trying to filter any possible communication. Hearing the static made her think the worst and she wondered if her father's brother was all right. She turned her attention to her padawan who was looking at her and said, "An inopportune time for this."

"I know, Master yet you are worried." Andros had been left behind the last few years not because he wasn't talented but his master had developed a motherly affection for him and he wasn't bitter. He was glad that she was back and was prepared to teach him more of the Force and on the side Avalonian techniques. He also knew that she had secrets best kept from the Jedi at the moment.

"I am Andros," Jun-la admitted. "The transmission loss could be a multitude of things yet I am thinking invasion." She looked at Belina and Komad and said, "We should probably start countermeasures against invasion. The clans on Amshrey and the warriors of Belos are our major players in terms of ground forces."

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