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I want to actually get to fight Boba F#@%ING Fett.

(in the storyline itself, not DLC)

also, i posted this in another thread, but i'll post it here since it has my TFU 3 idea.

"i think the playable character in TFU 1 was a clone. i think the only time we ever see the real galen is during the cutscene where vader initially finds him. the FIRST thing vader does with him is take him to kamino to be cloned. throughout BOTH games, you're a clone, and the real REAL starkiller was wandering the galaxy (having escaped vader), perhaps running into yoda before the events of TFU2. and the playable character in TFU 3 will be the first, real, actual starkiller.

i just blew everyone's minds. i know."

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