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Originally Posted by TiE23 View Post
Hey now, don't be a gamer snob. CoD is fun for it's own reasons. Before BF2, I played the crap outta CoD1 MP.

Also, don't talk crap about the regenerating health in BC2, it's perfect in that you're not in situations where you're searching all over the map for a medic while holding onto your 1% health bar. But, it's not like you duck behind a wall for 4 seconds and you're good to go.

Keep an eye out tomorrow, BF3 **** is gonna be coming.

Quote from tonight's BF3 show: "Best effing game I've seen!" Socks knocked off. Stay tuned for online coverage.

Can't help it. Proud elitist gamer here. CoD is horse**** to me. Zero innovation, same engine since CoD 2. Not fun at all for me. And as a PC gamer, the industry is moving in a horrible direction with these ancient consoles. I care deeply for gaming and follow every nook-and-cranny of developments in the industry. CoD has been worthless. An anti-gaming-innovation prick runs Activision like a cost-minimizing filthy oil company.

Regenerating health sucks dick. WAY too arcadey, oriented at making games easier. Unlike CoD, BC2 implemented it in a positive manner and still had useful medics - better than nothing, but the regeneration has got to go.

Old games were far more epic. I'd kill for a JO remake.

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