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The Hokage woke up with a sudden disturbance. After his vision returned from its blurry state, he saw too all too familiar figures right before his desk. He had to pat the side of his head, to make sure he was not seeing things.

"Either the hangover from the previous night is causing me to see things, or I'm seeing someone I havent caught up with in such a long time.

He shook his head to make him snap out of it. "Karela-chan... its been... going on a year now I think!" Naruto scratched his head. Then his suprised face turned into a deep smile. He stood up to hug her. "Its good to see you! Konoha has not been the same without you!"

Naruto then stared at the armored man whom stood next to Karela. It took him a while for him to recognise that it was Akagi, the Samurai from the far lands. "Akagi-san? What a reunion. I'd come over to hug you, but... I know how Samurai are when it comes to personal space." he laughed.

He crossed his arms. "What brings you two here?"
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