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"What brings you two here?"

Karela smiled at the hokage and patted Akagi on the back before her smile was replaced by a sad expression. "I really wish I could have came back with better news but I'm afraid thats not the case."

She looked over at the samurai and then back at the Hokage. "Akagi's village was destroyed by unknown forces. These shinobi we fought at his village...they were really powerful. We managed to save most of the villagers but Akagi lost a lot of men trying to drive them back. As of now...Akagi's villagers have no home and I was hoping that they could stay here."

"And we have another problem...these shinobi that we fought...they managed to somehow bring Zarela back from the dead. I fought her and couldn't even land a punch on her. She's gotten much stronger somehow."
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