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OK, I"m trying to install KOTOR 2 and have done everything as outlined in the first few posts but it still won't work on my laptop. It has Windows 7 and an Intel chipset, but if anyone needs specific specs I can get that. Basically whenever I start a new game, after the opening credits I hear beeping on the Ebon Hawk but the screen is black, and then the game crashes. The only thing I haven't done is email Securom for an exe because the game isn't telling me I'm using an emulator or anything. Before anyone asks, yes I am using a disk, not a no-CD crack. Any help would be appreciated. ^_^

In the meantime, I'm going to go to the Securom website and see if I can do anything there.

Edit: Egh, apparently they sent me an e-mail saying it's not their fault basically. Idk what to do....

Double edit: Nevermind, I undid the step which asks me to replace the .exe and it works for some reason.

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