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((Thanks to everyone for checking this out. I really appreciate the comments.))

Two days later. Nar Shaadda.

I can't believe Atton is really gone. I'm the only one left now...The rest are all dead. Not even the droids were spared.

Shiyra could hear her infant daughter crying in the background as she brought the Ebon Hawk down toward one of the many landing pads in the refugee sector. For the last hour she had been searching for a landing pad that she could hide the Ebon Hawk on. She knew that as soon as Mical managed to find his way off Dantooine he would resume his hunt.

What could have happened to him? What could have driven him to murder everyone he once knew?

A small light flashed on and an urgent beeping noise filled the cockpit. Shiyra muttered a twi'lek curse under her breath when she saw what alarm it was.

It was the fuel alarm. If she didn't land soon the Hawk would most likely fall out of the sky and crash. She brought the Hawk down toward a landing pad that was far enough away from the crowds of the refugee sector so that the ship wouldn't draw to much attention. The less attention she brought to herself the safer she and her baby would be.

Atton... she thought sadly as the ship settled on the platform. What would you do? What do I do now that your gone?

Shiyra wiped a single tear away and went to the security room where Arina was sitting and crying. She could sense that Arina was still scared from the encounter with Mical a few days ago. She gently picked her baby up and began to rock Arina to try and calm her down.

"It's alright..." She said in a soothing voice as she projected an aura of calm around her. "It's alright...the bad man won't find us here...Your safe..." Arina's crying began to grow softer and she stopped sobbing as much as Shiyra continued to project a calming aura. Finally Arina fell asleep and Shiyra gently put her back in her crib.

Shiyra sighed in relief. Now that Arina was asleep she could go out and get some supplies. The smuggler's moon wasn't the first place she would have chosen to get supplies but it was a good place to disappear for awhile and right now she needed to plan her next move. Shiyra gently kissed her baby on the top of her head and then extended the ramp and quietly walked down so she wouldn't wake the baby up.

Nar Shaadda...Five years and it still smells like the back end of a bantha, she thought as the ramp closed behind her. She was lucky. Before Atton's death he had managed to overhaul the security systems so that no one could get in with the exception of Atton and herself. However...she knew that if Mical did catch up with them he would have no trouble getting in.

More the reason to get what I need and then get out of here. No matter where we go he manages to find us. And knowing Mical, he's probably already found a way off Dantooine and is most likely already on his way here.

Shiyra shook her head and continued walking towards the area where most of the merchants had set up shop. She walked past a few of the shops and walked toward one that had meat cooking on a stand. She was about to start up a conversation with the rodian behind the stand when she heard the unmistakable sound of blasters being fired.

How the...? There's no way he could have caught up with me so quickly! Shiyra thought as her hand went down to her lightsaber. She resisted the urge to ignite it. It was possible that it was someone else being chased...but she was still a jedi. It was her duty to help the innocent and right now someone needed help.

She turned around and saw a blue twi'lek being chased by group of thugs. The twi'lek let out a scream of pain as one of the blaster bolts hit her in the leg. The twi'lek went down and the thugs surrounded her.

"Help!" The twi'lek shouted out in desperation. "Zaalbar! Where are you?!" Shiyra was torn. It was her duty as a jedi to help but she didn't want to draw attention to herself and attacking a group of thugs with a lightsaber was bound to draw a lot of attention to her.

"Zaalbar! Help me!" The twi'lek screamed as a fist impacted against her face.

Alright...That's it.

Shiyra was about to ignite her double-bladed lightsaber and attack the thugs when a savage roar filled the air and a massive brown wookie ran directly at the thugs that were surrounding the Twi'lek.

The wookiee grabbed one of the thugs and slammed his head directly into a wall and it was at that point that Shiyra noticed something as she quickly retreated to the shadows, maybe she wouldn't be needed for this fight. She was about to leave when she noticed something about the wookiee.

The wookiee only had one arm. The other one it seemed had been cut off at the shoulder.

It looks as if I'm not the only one having problems with force-users. Shiyra thought as another massive roar filled the air. The three remaining thugs ran off toward the docks as the wookiee helped the Twi'lek to her feet. The Twi'lek glared up at the wookiee and shook her head.

"It took you long enough Big Z! What were you waiting for?! An invitation?! They almost had me!"

The wookiee grunted. "I apologize Mission. I trying to find us transport off this planet and came as quickly as I could."

The twi'lek shook her head again and then seemed to notice Shiyra for the first time. "Something you need?" The twi'lek asked as the wookiee took up a position behind her.

Shiyra almost nodded but then shook her head. "I was here to gather supplies but then I noticed that you were in trouble. I was actually about to help you out but then...your friend showed up and took care of those thugs."

The twi'lek laughed bitterly. "Around here you need to watch your back. I appreciate the fact that you were ready to help but if you'll excuse us, we need to find transport off this planet."

The twi'lek and the wookiee turned around and were about to head towards the docks when Shiyra had a sudden idea. "Hey! Wait up!" She called as she ran up to them. "You said that you were looking for transport right?"

The twi'lek nodded slowly.

"I happen to have a ship here but I'm almost out of fuel...but I have a feeling that you have credits that I might need. Here's my idea: If you can get the fuel, then I can take you where you want to go free of charge."

The twi'lek and wookiee looked at each other and then the twi'lek nodded. "You've got a deal. By the way...your not the owner of that freighter that came in earlier are you?"

Shiyra nodded slowly. She didn't sense any hostile intentions from either the Twi'lek or the Wookiee.

"As a matter of fact I am. Is there some sort of problem?"

The Twi'lek smiled. "My name is Mission Vao and this is Zaalbar. And I think we have a lot to talk about."

((End of chapter. I was in a bit of a rush when I wrote this one so I'll fix spelling mistakes later. Also, I was thinking that the next chapter should be a flashback that shows what happened once the Exile came back to known space.))
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