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"If it wasn't for the communications blackout, I'd agree, but we can't make contact with them. We're on our own here." Komad pointed out to them.

"I was able to do a quick sweep of the upper atmosphere in the Silver Eagle, and I think I got a visual on what looked like a capital ship, but it didn't match anything on file. My guess would be the Undying Sith Empire." Iyav added, rushing back into the hall.

Kalla then approached Andorra and Lenatha, "I'm sorry to disrupt your marital bliss, but we have to get you out of here. If our suspicions are correct, Avalon is about to come under attack. We don't know who from yet." She explained to them.

Lenatha turned to her wife, "She's right, if they bombard us from orbit, this building won't last long." She pointed out.

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