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"Ma'am, we've just spotted the ship. It's already between us and the planet, and the energy signatures we're detecting seem to suggest it's charging its weapons, and targeting the planet." One of the bridge officers added.


"I'll see what I can do. So far, it doesn't seem as though local communication has been disrupted." Governor Starlighter replied. "And even if we can't contact Belos and Amshrey, they'll be aware of the situation soon enough."

(It sounded as though you were suggesting the governor was elsewhere, but I'm guessing she wouldn't miss her daughter's wedding)

Fortunately for Lenatha, her own dress did not include a corset, leaving her breathing unrestricted, and she was able to catch Andorra when she fainted. She was about to start carrying her to the exit, when they heard a large blast from outside.

Kalla rushed up to the stained glass window at the end of the hall, to see one of the nearby buildings taken out by an orbital laser blast. "Now we really need to get moving." She pointed out.

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