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Tonatius saw the weapons beginning to fire and grabbed Kalla's arm and that of Lenatha's who was holding Andorra and began running towards the road that headed towards the forest tribes. He shouted to his companions, "Just hold on!"

Taryn shook his head and began running as well. he might as well look after his twin and his girlfriend. He was right alongside Lenatha and asked, "You want me to carry her?"


((I was assuming that she was there. Avalonians are very formal in business and sometimes talk in the third person))

Jun-la watched as one of the buildings was toppled by a blast. Well it was called Tyan-yu for a reason. She looked at her father's sister and said, "Be careful governor in getting the forces mobilized." She was referring to the danger that was facing them. Bombardment and mobilization.

Andros was trying to keep a brave face on and looked at his father and his master expectantly. It was Jun-la who said, "There are some ships nearby if I recall correctly. Komad, if you and Iyav go to Belos and Andros and I get to Amshrey, we should be able to get a signal out. Agreed?"


Tavaryn had made it to the training room when the call sounded for all hands to prepare to defend the ship. Some of his training class were already there so he gave the order, "Return to quarters or weapons lockers, grab your gear and report back here."

As soon as they left, Tavaryn raced back to his own quarters to a locked cabinet. Paused only a moment before unlocking it and opening it. He pulled out his set of shuriken, his sword and a weapon that he had hoped not to use but figured it would come handy. He also strapped on a belt filled with other odds and ends that came from his Shinigami days and raced back out.

His squad was there and he nodded acknowlegement before comming the communications officer, "This is Onashi reporting in. We're at the training room. What are your orders?"

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