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"Manoeuvring around laser blasts from orbit is nothing I can't handle." Iyav commented, and he and Komad started to make their way back to the Silver Eagle.

"I've got her." Lenatha insisted. "This isn't what it sounds like, but it'd probably be best if we got her out of that corset."

"How much use is fleeing to a forest going to be? If they're attacking from orbit, the only safe place would be an underground bunker.


"My Lord, the Republic ship has locked weapons on us, and they're launching fighters." A bridge officer on the other ship stated.

"Prepare the particle beam, and target their bridge. And send out our first wave of fighters." Darth Pestilus instructed. "Continue bombarding the planet."

"My lord, the power demands for the beam are too great for us to continue bombarding the planet and disrupting communications." The officer pointed out.

"Very well. Shut down the ventral lasers and the disruptors, and prepare to launch landing craft." Darth Pestilus conceded. At that point, the capital city was in ruins anyway.

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