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The bridge of the Ackbar shook violently as some sort of unknown weapon impacted against the bridge, completley wiping out the bridge shields with one hit and causing a slight amount of damage.

What the...? Great, the bridge is undefended.

"The unknown ship has ceased attacking the planet is now targeting us! They have also launched fighters, for all we know they could be planning to board us," another officer called out.

Alriana nodded. "Reroute all auxillary power to the bridge shields! And try to keep the bridge out of that weapon's targeting scope. We can't take another hit like that. target their bridge and then fire all turbolasers!"

She then hit the intercom button that would broadcast her voice all over the ship. "Attention! All hands standby to defend the ship from enemy troops. All commando units are to report to the bridge to help defend the bridge. If we lose the bridge we're going to lose the ship."

"This is Onashi reporting in. We're at the training room. What are your orders?"

Alriana was too busy issuing orders to recognize the voice that came in over the intercom. "Report to the bridge as quickly as you can! We may have landing craft incoming and I think they're going to try and take the bridge."
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