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Taryn rolled his eyes, amused at his brother's companions' ignorance. He replied, "The forest tribes know a thing or two about survival. Heck they survived a blast like this nearly 4000 years ago."

Tonatius had reluctantly cut open his cousin's dress and sliced off the corset wondering why in the name of the elders did she wear the dang thing. He noticed that her breathing was better now that she had nothing restricting it. He commented, "The cities will be hit first. Once in the forests we follow the lead of the tribes. Trust us please." He beckoned to Lenatha.


Jun-la shouted, "Good luck," and herded Andros to the familiar Ebon Hawk. That ship would get them to Belos in no time.


"Report to the bridge as quickly as you can! We may have landing craft incoming and I think they're going to try and take the bridge."

Tavaryn paused a moment upon hearing the voice over the comm. It sounded familiar yet he couldn't stop to think. He replied, "Understood, Onashi out."

To his men he said, "Form up, we're heading to the bridge."

"Aye sir," they shouted.

Tavaryn nodded and led the way, slinking along the corridors to look for any sign of the enemy. It would be a long walk out an airlock if they turned around blind corners without coverage. His hand clutched the familiar cylinder in reassurance as he led the way.

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