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The reason why prequels fail is pretty simple and has nothing to do with cinematography.

Contrary to popular belief it is not the directing, acting, miss-cast or Jar Jar. The cinematography is decent. The problem is in the story and Anakin's character. Also contrary to popular belief there is a lot of drama and characterization in prequels but it is an annoying kind of drama and characterization. They made Anakin and annoying, repulsive prick with quick temper, childish behavior and lack of self-control. No audience can identify with this kind of main character or feel any compassion fir him. Then the storyline puts him through annoying situations where he utilize his teen rage, whines and does stupid things in the process. All this is completely realistic under the given circumstances and it is well directed/acted for what it was trying to achieve but who on Earth would want to watch that? No one. Star Wars supposed to be fun and enjoyable.

They should have made Anakin a likable, mature character with exceptional qualities. The storyline should put him on fun adventures rather than through annoying situations. The trun to the dark side should be sudden and unexpected. The problem is that, according to what we see in prequels, Anakin never was a good person. He was a repulsive prick. Quite frankly Vader from OT is more lovable character than Anakin from prequels which pretty much sums it up.

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