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Coruscant Entertainment Center

Just Keep Running
Chevron 7 Locke

Five years after TSL: The last survivors of the Ebon Hawk's crew face a surprising opponent

As always, you turn out good work. The enemy was surprising, and knowing that of them all only the Exile has survived the attacks makes it more interesting.

Pick of the Week

The Arrival of a Hero
Mandalore The Shadow

During attack on Hoth from TESB: The attack from the Empire's side.

The piece is too short to get a good feel for the writing style. What is done is crisp and well done.


Post KOTOR: When is it enough?

Carth and Revan getting together, and the question is not moot; How long must he grieve before it is possible?

The piece flows well and the question remains; how long must he mourn?

A Flight of Stairs

TSL on Citadel Station: How long can you grieve?

The piece flowed well, and the situation well portrayed.

The Passions of a Sith Lord

AU Post KOTOR: The dark lord reminisces

The piece is well written, and the one plaint the author made is accepted, after all, Carth is a wuss here. Have you tried diet tea instead?

A Game of Chance

During TSL with no specific time given: The Exile foolishly plays Pazaak with Atton.

The piece is funny from start to finish. Another game of Pazaak with Nar Shaddaa rules, and a twist that makes it even more funny at the end.

Pick of the Week

Dustil's Mission

Post KOTOR no specific time given: Kids will be kids

The piece merely shows how little Dustil and Mission know about how to insult each other. Like most kids argument, it begins for a silly reason and doesn't improve much.

A Gift to Her Love
Bald as Malak

TSL no specific time given: The Exile lays a trap to catch Mical and Atton

The piece is cute with a well laid trap requiring both of the men to be present for it to work. Her reasoning is obvious; to get some breathing room with two different men pursuing her. The end was just too cute.

Pick of the Week


kotorfanmedia has juggled everything again, so...

Light Side Female Revan

After the Storm

KOTOR En-route to Korriban: Dealing with the revelation of her identity, she also has to deal with the burgeoning relationship with Carth.

The piece is cute and fluffy, and includes a Gizka.

Descent's Stop

KOTOR on Lehon: Revan faces off against Bastila

The piece is well wrought and runs as you would anticipate. The confrontation was well done, and the internal monologue flowed well.

For Identity
Marin Dakari

Originally reviewed June 9 2006 That review is below:

During KOTOR: After the confrontation with Jagi, Revan struggles again with her identity

The style is excellent, the subject matter near and dear to my heart. How do you deal with discovering everything you remember is a lie?

Reprise Pick of the Week

Happy R

Post KOTOR: Well they had to name it something...

The piece flows well, and the idea that Carth created a special day to celebrate his love of the woman is choice.

Destiny (Chapter One: Escape
Revans Pet Duck

Originally reviewed 30 June 06 That review is below:

The events on the Endar Spire in KOTOR I

This flowed well, and I wish I honestly had time to read everything RPD had written. There are changes from the original script, but none that are glaringly improper.

Reprise Pick of the Week

Carth's worst fear
sithangel 77

Originally reviewed 30 June 06 That review is below:

The view of a suicide’s mind as Revan give in to her sadness.

I have to agree with the ones who said this is a logical progression. Over at Lucasforums where I am a critic (You think I do comments in this manner all the time? Well, since October, yes...) if you read my entire KOTOR novel, I have my Revan going through all of the angst too. She even decides on suicide. In fact the only reason she survives is Sasha, who I made a continuing character.

There is commentary about using the word slice over and over, and while it is noted, the Author’s comment that it is her own mind cutting herself again and again is perfectly acceptable to me.

Great work.

Reprise Pick of the Week

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