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"Listen to myself; I'm begining to sound like Kallick. There might be an alternative; you can probably hang around the town, and keep an eye out for suspicious activity outside of the facility. Give us a little heads-up warning if anyone like Cerberus is approaching."

Rogue processed this information. It could serve as a lookout to the team, and do its best to remain out of sight. It did not wish to harm organics, but the humans might not understand that...and certain actions would have to be taken to ensure Rogue's safety.

"Or do you think you can find a way to bypass their security systems undetected? I dont know how you Geth work..."

If Rogue could laugh, it would have. It was an excellent hacker, and had no doubt it could bypass the security systems.

"I would have no trouble bypassing their systems," Rogue said, in a pleasant tone. "I can also be the lookout for Cerberus," it added in.
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