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"I would have no trouble bypassing their systems," Rogue said, in a pleasant tone. "I can also be the lookout for Cerberus,"

"If that is the case..." Tom switched his console off. "If you are confident enough in your skills, I have a job for you."

If this synthetic was confident enough in its abilities, then there may be a way to do both tasks. "I want you to infiltrate the Research Facility. Undetected if possible."

"Then I want you perform an espionage around the base. Find any possible connection to Cerberus. If there is, whether they have been notified of our arival should be relayed to us - give us a little heads-up warning. Understand?" (I'll pm you later Cyborg, for the details ))

__________________________________________________ __

The ramp of the Valkyrie descended down onto a platform, opening up the exit. Captain Tuhrop walked from the ramp and onto the metal floor.

The docking platform of the research facility presented a beautiful view of the settlement. Tuhrop could hear the sound of crushing ocean waves surrounding the building. The facility seemed to also act as a lighthouse for the settlement as well, as high above them, Tuhrop could see some type of housed beacon at the top of the tower.

Right before the offshore crew, a systems alliance uniformed representative approached Captain Tuhrop and exchanged a hand.

"We have been looking forward to your arival, Captain Qui'in Tuhrop." she greeted.

Tuhrop accepted the handshake. "I assure you, what we have is legitimate. This is definatly worth your full attention."

He activated his omni-tool, and displayed a holographic representation of the Cerberus Genesis data. The representative rubbed her chin.

"I see... We'll need to fully analyse this data. Why dont you and your crew step inside?"
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