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"Akagi's village was destroyed by unknown forces. These shinobi we fought at his village...they were really powerful. We managed to save most of the villagers but Akagi lost a lot of men trying to drive them back. As of now...Akagi's villagers have no home and I was hoping that they could stay here."

"Destroyed you said?" Naruto echoed. "Though they lack major practices for basic ninjustu, they are a tough enemy to face. To hear they have been swiped is indeed a disturbing thought."

The Hokage crossed his arms. "We will provide a safe haven for the Villagers. But I'm afraid they are going to have to set up camp in the training fields; we dont have enough buildings here in Konoha to sustain and shelter an extra population.'

"These shinobi are quite strong. They're much more difficult to combat, but can still be beaten. I shall find out where these shinobi got their abilities, and how they brought Zarela back if you will allow me,"

"If these people are as dangerous as you make them sound, then by all means. Normally, we would send some of our own in the archives for research and investigation. But because you have had first hand experience with the enemy, I'll grant you full access to the archives. This acception is strictly limited to your investigation only."
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