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"Right here," Taryn replied holding it out. "It would have looked tacky at the ceremony but I figured it should be around just in case. As if to reassure himself he patted his own blade to make sure it was there. "Oh and I brought one for you too Pradhes. It's a short sword but it is better than nothing."

Tonatius gave a wry grin and added as an explanation, "Part of our upbringing Lanatha." He then looked at his cousin and added, "By the way Cousin, I'm sorry I wrecked your dress but we needed to get to concious. Lady Jun-la suggested we hook up with family tribe."


Never thought I would have to be sneaking around again. The thought was humorful to Tavaryn as he led the way through the corridors of their level. They hadn't encountered any enemies yet but that didn't make him relax one bit.

It paid off when he rounded a corner and blaster fire started raining on them. He ordered for his men to take cover and return fire. He called through the comm, "We have enemies firing on us at the training deck. Possibly the same on other decks. Numbers not available."

((Alkonium, did you want to do some specific Sith troopers? I could help you out on doing different Sith soldiers through this.))

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