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"We have enemies firing on us at the training deck. Possibly the same on other decks. Numbers not available."

Alriana looked over at the security officer who had taken her normal station when the attack had begun. "Check with all decks for signs of intruders. Send a scurity team to assist...wait."

That was Tavaryn's voice...How did he get aboard the Ackbar?!

She took a deep breath. "Send a security team to assist Tavaryn and his men. Make sure he makes it to the bridge."

"As you wish." Alriana watched as four of the solders assigned to the bridge ran out into the corridors towards the training room.

Her eyes were suddenly drawn out the viewport to a small ship that didn't seem to be with the attacking forces. This one was destroying both republic fighters and enemy fighters. It was apparent that the pilot was strong with the force.

And it looked like he was heading straight for the Ackbar.

Varith watched the large republic ship fight it out with another ship even as he destroyed fighters that belonged to both sides. The only thing that mattered was getting to the force users aboard the republic ship.

He had been able to sense the force sensatives ever since he had entered the Avalon system behind the enemy force. There were a few of them but the ones that he wanted were aboard the republic ship.

The one he sought to kill was a jedi. And he knew that there were jedi aboard the republic ship.

Let the jedi run and hide. He could handle anything that they threw at him. In the end, the jedi would be dead.
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