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SCUMM script samples from Maniac Mansion

Some of you may find this interesting: Ron Gilbert gave a Maniac Mansion post-mortem at the Game Developers Conference last week and a couple of his slides showed some of the original Maniac Mansion scripts written in the SCUMM syntax.

How the clock in the mansion living room ticks:
script clock-tick {
    do {
        clock-state = not clock-state
        object living-room-clock state clock-state
        play-sound clock-tick
        break-here 60
A cut-scene between Nurse Edna and Weird Ed:
cut-scene {
    actor nurse-edna in-room edna-bedroom at 60,20
    camera-follow nurse-edna
    actor nurse-edna walk-to 30,20
    wait-for-actor nurse-edna
    say-line nurse-edna "WHATS'S YOUR POINT ED!!!"
    wait-for-talking nurse-edna
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