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"If these people are as dangerous as you make them sound, then by all means. Normally, we would send some of our own in the archives for research and investigation. But because you have had first hand experience with the enemy, I'll grant you full access to the archives. This acception is strictly limited to your investigation only."

Karela nodded and then looked over at the hokage. "In the unlikely event that we don't find information on this new enemy in the archives I would like to make a request: I would like to take a small force back to Akagi's village just in case some of the enemy are still there."

She looked over at Takeda. "I was talking with a few of the remaining samurai before we arrived here. They told me that if we were to return to Akagi's village they would like to have Takeda with them. They said he has proven himself as a formidable warrior and he has earned their respect."
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