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((Tys, Andorra is talking to Taryn, Tonatius' twin brother. Tavaryn is on the Ackbar. LOL))

Taryn replied, "That is a sound theory. Legend has it that our system cannot be found except by those who know where it is or pure of heart."

"Not entirely accurate since the Rashikians are descendant from us," Tonatius replied, "Heck they tried to conquer us in the days of the Guardian."

"Always the history buff brother," Taryn replied. "Anyway best bet is to attack us but attack our strongest forces and they are the warrior worlds of Belos and Amshrey."

"Don't worry about Avalon Kalla," Tonatius said, "There is a reason why the capital is called Tyan-yu. When it was first destroyed, a new city was built on top and named thus. It means left over spirit. Right now, we need to make it to Lady Jun-la's family tribe. We need to regroup and I think Andorra needs a change of clothes." He gave a sheepish grin before leading the way into the forest.


((Alkonium, are you at Belos or Amshrey? If it is Amshrey, then I have to edit my posts. BTW, I implied the Mandalorians were on Amshrey lol))

Jun-la maneuvered the Ebon Hawk utilizing the upgrades that Matton insisted upon and delighting in the speed. Selene would be willing to help them. She had the spirit of her ancestor in her and she suspected Ordo's temper. She said to Andros, "Check stabilizers and prepare to transmit."


Using the standard issue pistol of the fleet, Tavaryn shot at the advancing enemy. He was a pretty good shot having practiced every chance he got when he wasn't engaged in combat training.

"Sir, we have to advance otherwise we'll be here forever."

Tavaryn nodded. "Form up and advance." He then began moving forward despite the fire. he used his instincts to avoid being hit and returned fire. They managed to clear the hall to the turbolift of the majority of the enemy when Tavaryn caught sight of something in the window.

"Sir, we're clear and ready to move to the med deck."

Tavaryn heard but didn't respond as he moved towards the window to take a look. The ship was like a lone wolf singling out either the Sith or Republic fighters. Tavaryn peered at it as if trying to see the pilot. Impossible since it was a fighter but something was off about it. His eyes widened slightly as if recognizing it as it headed towards the ship. "Let's move out."

The medbay deck was hardly any better and it seemed as if there were more Sith littering the halls as well as the bodies of both sides. Tavaryn was the first to enter and was spun around by a blaster shot to his left shoulder.

"The commander said to wait here," the Sith private was muttering to himself. He wanted to be part of the action yet the med deck was hardly challenging since it was medical staff and injured troopers. He hoisted his rifle up and conttinued to watch his tiny section.

He continued to watch for signs of movement. His chance came when he saw a sentient. He wasn't wearing the standard fleet uniform but it was clear from his demeanor and the insigna on the jacket that he was in charge. Finally an officer. And he can't see me."

Taking aim through the scope on his sniper rifle, he led his target and fired.

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