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Taryn, clearly amused by his cousin's antics managed to grab the wrist that held the sword since she was swinging it a little wildly. "Easy there Cousin. Won't do any of us good if you poke someone's eye out with that. Besides I really think that you should get a change of clothes unless you were thinking of going commando." He grinned while his brother simply glared at him.

"Sometimes I think you spend too much of your free time surfing the illicit section of the Holonet," Tonatius said.


Tonatius was about to say something when a rustling sound occurred and from the trees dropped a straif cat followed by a warrior. The area around his eyes were painted to look like a mask. He addressed the person closest to him which happened to be Kalla, "Why have you wandered to this part of the Takeshi Forest?"


Tavaryn grunted and would have glared at the ceiling for his stupidity but the adrenaline had him going. He was on his feet in a kneeling position trying to find where the sniper was.

"Sir, you alright?"

"Fine. Keep a sharp eye."

Utilizing a crawling method, Tavaryn slunk forward trying to get closer towards the enemy. This was one of those times when he wished he had Alriana or Haruka watching his back, Alriana more so since she could read his intentions without betraying them.

The Sith soldier was having fun trying to pick off the enemy. The commander had been hit and was back on his feet. So he picked off and killed a couple of the enemy squad. When he couldn't see the enemy commander he decided to take drastic action. Grabbing a couple of frag grenades, he lobbed them at the enemy.


Tavaryn heard one of his men sound the alarm and there were scuffles of men diving out of the way. He moved over as well and felt an explosion carry him across the room. He slid on the floor a ways and grunted as a rain of debris fell on him. The explosion must have alerted the other Sith and they were coming out and firing their weapons. He scrambled behind a bulkhead and tried to return fire but his blaster was shot. He called on his comm, "Bridge Command, this is Onashi, we need back up on the med deck. Heavy enemy fire and artillery."

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