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The Ackbar's bridge rocked as fighters continued to attack the larger ship. The Anti-fighter guns were losing their effectiveness as more and more of the laser strikes managed to punch through the shields and cause damage to the hull.

The lights on the bridge flickered a few times as power was rerouted to damaged systems. Even though the fighters were taking down many of the enemy fighters, Alriana knew the Ackbar was in trouble.

"Reroute power to weapons and shields!"

"Shields just went down!" One of the officers shouted to her as a console exploded near the front of the bridge. "Turbolasers are starting to lose power."

Alriana turned around and began issuing more orders. "Reroute engine power to shields and weapons. And get these lights working again!"

The officer nodded and the lights stopped flickering. "Turbolasers are back to full power and online. Shields are back online."

Alriana turned toward the enemy ship. "Stop targeting their bridge and instead focus all weapons on their shield soon as the shields are down target their weapons and hit them with everything.

"Bridge Command, this is Onashi, we need back up on the med deck. Heavy enemy fire and artillery."

Alriana brought her hand down on her chair and left a slight dent in it. "I'm going to take care of this." She said to the third officer. "If this gets any worse try and send a message to any republic ships in range."

The officer nodded and Alriana ran down the hall and ignited her lightsaber as she headed toward the med deck.

Varith's fighter finally managed to cut through the swarms of fighters and even now was heading straight for the republic ship's hangerbay. The door was starting to close, but that was no trouble for the former jedi. He pushed his fighter to maximum speed and easily slipped through the doors just as they closed.

He looked out through the windows and watched as a security team consisting of three officers came running up to his fighter.

"Surrender! As of this moment you are under arrest!" the lead officer shouted. Varith responded only by casually raising his hand and lifting the entire team up into the air and began choking them. he then dropped them.

None of them moved.

Varith opened the cockpit up and stepped over the bodies before igniting his lightsaber and reached out through the force.

The jedi...she is close.

Varith walked down one of the corridors as he walked toward the Jedi's force signiture.

It won't be long now.
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