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((I'll correct my posts to indicate Belos for me))

The warrior looked at them and in the direction of the voice. "I am Caelos. Follow me and say nothing," he replied to Kalla. With a click he made a motion to the straif cat who bounded off towards the voice. He led them deeper into the forest towards a waterfall that protected a series of caves. He motioned them to follow him.

Once they were in the caves he said, "Basa will distract your pursuers. When he comes back, I will take you to our tribal leader. Understand?"


Tavaryn was frustrated that he couldn't use his blaster and had long since thrown it aside. He could hear shouts from men either his or the enemy's and blaster fire and some explosions and the crackle of a panel. He sighed and looked at his left shoulder where he had been hit. It was still bleeding from all the excitement and he swore in Avalonian.

Looking at his belt he realized his sword and lightsaber were still miraculously attached. He gripped the lightsaber and looked at it. His mother had given it to him stating that it belonged to a good man. He had learned how to use it effectively like a Jedi but without the use of the Force. Maybe now isn't the time to be squeamish, he thought.

Then it hit him. It was a cold rage. Something was on this ship and it was coming near. He recalled the feeling when he saw that fighter and his eyes opened in shock. He got to his knees and admist the fire, sprang with a leap, igniting the lightsaber. He swung it to deflect shots that came his way heading for the lift to the next deck.

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