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Makashi levels 2 or even 3???

Hello everyone

i'm new there so it might be a silly question... i downloaded and installed ojp v1.2 and started a new server, practizing with lightsaber-wielding bots in order to learn the new fencing techniques. however, i got to skill level 103, i got all 7 stances, but each one was still on level 1. are there any upper levels? im a Makashi user, in normal JKA i was widely remarked as a good fencer, but this level 1 makashi style is pretty weak, i think. no turning over, no precise swings that disarm the opponent, no fluidity... the menu point "profile --> force" writes with a light green colour: Lightsaber Skill Level 1 2 3, but there are no option to choose an advanced form. could you help me please?
I have a slow internet connection by the time, its easier for me to check my mails, so if possible, send your possible solutions to
Thanks for your help in advance!
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